I'll start with an analogy. Using the body, think that ideas are the blood of any agency and you have to have the right environment to make the blood flow properly. But some actions, for example exercise, can stimulate the blood circulation and make it pump faster.

It’s the same with ideas. Energising the environment, adding in new stimuli can create new ideas and move client projects to places you would not have conceived at the outset.

Ideas on your own can be hard work, but collaboration makes it quicker and more effective!

At Corporate Innovations, where ideas are our currency, we have embraced this for both our internal and external customers. Across our offices we have created ideas walls. Large perspex lightbulbs and clouds where groups can sit and brainstorm, sticking post it notes to pictorially mind-map scenarios and developments. A situation where everyone within the company is qualified, from accounts to customer service and sales to web developers. No two people will have the same skills, knowledge and environmental factors, so ideas can be sparked off, created, grown and developed in an efficient fashion.

For SMBs there is even an app where you can invite other freelancers or SMBs to input their ideas and collaborate into your projects. The Trello App

Margaret Heffernan, international businesswoman, author and interviewer, once said, “For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument and debate.”

In 2016 Corporate Innovations has established Filament; a philosophy of collaboration and creativity, a way of challenging our ideas and capabilities and creating a fluid group of innovative thinkers; allowing our clients to receive original and multi discipline solutions. We feel there is nothing better than face to face collaboration so we provide the setting and, quarterly, we invite local creative talent to nurture ideas and grow partnerships – fostering an environment where ideas can flourish. If you are interested in being part of Filament, please contact us at team@cigroup.co.uk

Our philosophy at Corporate Innovations is changing behaviours, with all our clients looking for a behavioural change solution for their B2B, B2C or B2E audiences. Our continued investment in ideation continues to help our clients evolve their incentives, reward programmes, experiential activities and promotions with Corporate Innovations conceptualising, designing and co-ordinating award-winning behavioural change campaigns.