Planning any Christmas Party can often be a daunting and unwelcome task; the pressure is on, it’s a big and visible responsibility to pull off the most important party of the year.  As with any big task, it’s always a bit easier by breaking it down into it, more manageable parts.

Here’s my Top 10 Tips for an unforgettable Christmas celebration.

  1. Christmas comes just once a year; however it still manages to take many of us by surprise! Start planning early and you’ll get the choice of venues and then get a date locked in everyone’s diaries so attendance is high! You could alternatively plan a January party; there’s less pressure on dates, venues and the bar bill might be lower!
  2. Ok, you’ve got your date, now figure out your budget. You can’t start dreaming about venues until you have your budget ceiling,  so you’re not wasting time on something completely unrealistic!
  3. Next it’s time to move to the fun part of the planning. What type of party are you going to organise? You’ll need an idea of numbers and a location that suits the majority.  
  4. So, you know your budget and location, now some venue research. This is important, it’s a reflection of the company, its aspirations and recent success.  If all is good, then you’ll want something special, something a bit WOW to get the party spirit going!  If you want chic for a small team try a chefs table at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal or If you want people to let their hair down with something truly different, consider a Medieval Christmas at Warwick Castle. If you want a themed party at a country house, try Ellenborough Park hotel in Cheltenham? Or perhaps you want to tailor something to an objective, or an event, and have it totally bespoke? We can help with all of these ideas.
  5. Think about holding the venue for your desired date.  Is the venue prepared to do this for you and how long will they keep this space for you, before they want you to fully commit?
  6. So the venue’s provisionally booked, now time to start thinking about theming.  Time of day/ night will be a factor event in creating your atmosphere.  Themes that can work well for Christmas are: Winter Wonderland, Casino night, or add a touch of mystery with a Masquerade Ball night!
  7. Next up is the entertainment.  What do your guests want to hear? If music is the key, what’s going to fill the dancefloor?  If possible, a great live band is often better than recorded music; if using a DJ, make sure they are appropriate for your event.
  8. Food is a key part of the evening; make sure there’s enough whether a sit down or buffet meal, the quality and quantity are both important. Pick a menu that ties in with your theming, not forgetting that it is Christmas!  On the drinks front, what will the budget run to? A free bar all night, or free wine and beer and paid spirits? Why not use drink tokens to regulate your budget?
  9. Think about a seating plan, whether your group is large or small. Don’t under-estimate how time consuming creating a practical seating plan can be!
  10. Finally, always ensure you make time to recollect over the last year’s successes at some point during the evening. Hopefully, followed by some rewards and some recognition and get these captured on camera if at all possible, so the night lives on beyond the hangovers!


So, there’s so much to think about approaching the party season; it’s much more than just the “Christmas Do”!

It’s also never too early to start – indeed we are already working with some clients on December 2017 plans!

Are you ready for yours?