Delegate management is a crucial part of any event, from the initial registration process right through to final communications post event.  Paper registration lists and clip on badges are now considered historical. Our clients are constantly asking us for the latest technology to ‘wow’ their guests and enhance their overall experience. Investing in the emerging delegate technology and tools will not only improve your delegates’ impression of your brand, but increase their overall engagement. The registration process need not be considered long and tedious for both organisers and delegates, new technologies are making this an interactive, engaging and memorable part of the event experience.

1. RFID badges

Radio Frequency Identification badges are key for larger conferences and exhibitions. This technology enables guests to use unique ID badges to register their attendance when arriving at an event/breakout session by simply tapping the badge against a display panel. Very quick and easy! We integrated this technology at a number of recent conferences, with clients feeding back particularly on the efficiency of the registration process with not a queue in sight! Furthermore, RFID badges also enable live reports of check in data at the click of a button.

2. Event check-in apps

Event check in apps are a simple, live and effective way to check guests into an event simply by downloading the app, and uploading a guest list. Organisers can then check off guests instantly as they arrive, view live status of numbers, identify no shows and download attendance reports.

3. Registration websites

The digital team within Corporate Innovations have a vast portfolio of event registration websites they have created across a variety of industry clients. They are a great way to communicate key messaging and content to guests whilst providing flexibility to register at their convenience. They provide a platform both pre and post event, from event updates and teasers to showcasing success and sharing key content to prolong engagement. Every registration site can be tailored specifically to your brand and event identity.

Corporate Innovations has extensive capabilities and experience in every aspect of delegate management from an audience of 1 to 10,001. Get in touch to find out how we can help to make your next event seamless.