Conference & event theming is often a secondary concern for those considering running an event. Venue chosen, speakers confirmed, entertainment agreed and while confirming your AV set creative you decide you want a really powerful event message. Shoe horning in a theme to complement your content and venue is a common occurrence, however, thinking about it in advance can make a difference between a good event and a GREAT event.

If you are looking to create an impactful event, your first task is to access your event objectives – What do you want the delegates to feel? What would you like them to take away? What will their call to action be?  From this you can create a message and a theme that will deliver solid communication and ultimately impact behavioural change.

A strong theme is hugely important to your event planning and implementation, and here are just a couple of reasons why:


Generates powerful creative

Creative identity has huge impact on an event and really sets the tone of what is to come. Creative helps to build excitement, curiosity and a sense of identity. However, if you have no event theme/message you have no direction for your creative team; your creative is likely to be bland and non-directional. Additionally, if you decide your theme half way through the event process you are likely to lose consistency between your pre-comms and your final message. Make theming a priority and you can create a hugely powerful event identity.


Provides a steer

Theming does not begin and end with creative. If you have a solid theme this can steer all aspects of your event from your venue and catering, to content and speakers. Have you missed a sales target and want to kick everyone into shape? Perhaps slightly shorter breaks with grab bags to take into training sessions? Or have you hit target and want to show everyone how appreciative you are? So explore more luxury venues or have a bigger focus on the entertainment experience? Every aspect of an event is a layer of communication and with a strong theme from the start of the planning process you can utilise this to drive your message home.


Creates content focus

Event content is the most important part of any event however, it is often a challenge deciding what content to include and how to present this. Often speakers have different agendas and deliver inconsistent messages. An event theme gives speakers direction to inform and influence their audiences and ensure a focus on the event objectives. 


Ensures continuity

We have touched on this above but it is so important that it deserves its own section! Every event will have its individual objectives to influence and impact delegate behaviour. To impact behaviour, it is very important to drive a consistent message throughout the event so it is very clear what the call to action is. Taking time to access your event message and theme before planning the event will ensure consistency throughout your event & therefore drive a much more powerful message.


So, next time you’re going to plan an event – before you get into your venue & supplier search – take a step back and ask yourself – what is it I’m trying to achieve and how can I present that to the delegate? Alternatively, give Corporate Innovations a call and we can do the hard work for you!