I began my career at Corporate Innovations on a two-week trial in the Customer Service team where I soon learnt just how influential customers are to a business and their role in the success of it. Being involved in this side of the company meant that I had a great opportunity to really understand the grass roots of our reward and recognition websites, thus enabling me to now project manage with the customer at the centre of every idea and decision made. 

With customers becoming more and more influential and in control of their experience, complemented with the rise of the internet and social media , it is crucial that you deliver an exceptional experience and keep your customers and their needs at the centre of everything you do.
With this in mind I ask; ‘Are you using the digital technology at your fingertips to make the most of your customer relationships?’ Here are three basic starting points … 

1. Know your customers 

And make them feel significant. A personalised approach is key to customer satisfaction, on every aspect of their journey. Whether this is as simple as a personalised email communication, (a great starting point), however you also have the tools, through analytics, to go deeper. 

Analytics allows you to understand your customers and their behaviours, enabling you to make better, educated decisions and help achieve business goals and objectives. By understanding the customer journey on your website, you can identify what is being missed or why a certain campaign may not be producing the expected results. You can then implement actions to achieve your desired goals such as tailored pop-up messaging prompting them to enter your competition, or highlighting what they have missed on the website and giving them an easy route to the desired action. 

2. There is no time like the present
With the continuous rise of mobile/ tablet website access, the customer is connected 24/7 and they have the ability to find information whenever and wherever they want, putting them completely in control of their experience. Therefore, it is important to act in real time and reach the customer with relevant communication. 

This may be through automated emails triggered by an activity, pop ups or push notifications; there are so many ways to reach and engage with your customer and make it easy for them to obtain the information they need. Make it hard for them, and their engagement will drop. 

3. Engage 

It is important to understand that engagement is ingrained in action; it requires both you and the customer to create this and remembering that every decision made, will directly, or indirectly affect the customer. 

A lot of our engagement is through reward and recognition, however the process of engagement starts before the rewarding. So, make it easy to engage in the first place; your website login should be a seamless process capturing just the information you need. 

Always try the customer experience from the start. Patience is very rare online (remember all those times you continuously bash the refresh button when a page fails to load?) If accessing your website isn’t simple, or the information and tools they need aren’t easily accessible, customers will complain or worse - give up and go elsewhere. 

At the end of the day, customers are key to your success and I am fortunate to work in a customer-centric team here at Corporate Innovations. If you need someone to relook at your websites from your customer’s point of view or use our award-winning experience to create a truly customer-centric reward and recognition programme, give us a call.