Placement searching is a stressful time for anyone, especially when everyone around you has one secured and you’re still going through every company to try and get an interview.  After months on end of searching for the right company, endless interviews and my fair share of rejection, I finally found myself at a company where I couldn’t be happier. I guess all the stress was worth it, after all, what’s the point in working towards a degree if you’re not going to get experience of working in the industry?

My typical start to the day at Bournemouth University would be waking up to the noise of my neighbours pet cockerel (yes, cockerel and yes it was annoying!) and firing up my laptop to catch up on last night’s TV. Two hours of afternoon lectures on everything events, before heading home again to get ready for my night out. What a different life I’m living now…

Every morning starts with the 5:30 alarm that goes on snooze countless times before the struggle of eventually getting out of bed at 6. An hour to get ready before I hit the roads for my daily commute. After a long day at work it’s back on the road for what seems to be the longest drive ever, before falling onto the sofa, having dinner, then reflecting back on the day. I often find myself checking my work phone for those awaited emails and wondering what tomorrow will bring in the world of Corporate Innovations. It seems my student life has already gone far out of the window and my work head has been firmly screwed on!

My first two weeks into a 16-month placement at Corporate Innovations have been full-on to say the least. My first week was spent randomly building table football and packing conference kits, none of which they told me about at Uni!  Then working on admin documents for a Euros Incentive trip. The second week though I was thrown in at the deep end and sent on my first event! I couldn’t have asked for a better event to have worked on, I experienced the most amazing activities and came away having learnt so much! A river cruise dinner on the Seine, the opportunity to go and watch England play in the Euro’s and a visit to Moet & Chandon… fair to say my friends and family were very jealous with me doing this all in my second week of work! However, it wasn’t all fun and games, being in charge of a group of 25 customers, trying to get them from A to B, let alone down for breakfast in time in the mornings is harder than it seems!

Whilst studying at Bournemouth, I covered various topics, all of which have set me up for working within events: Consumer Experience & Behaviour allowed me to understand the needs and motivations of why people attend events, studying a Finance module has helped me out massively as it allowed me to already have knowledge on Cost Sheets and Budgeting. Similarly, Personal and Professional Development has enabled me to identify what it is employers look for in an employee and how to work as part of a team to retain clients. All of these factors are areas that my placement will help me to continue to develop and enable me to put theory into practice.

But this is why a placement is so worth it. To get an insight into the events industry and actually use the knowledge I’ve learnt in all those Uni lectures and also experiencing first-hand how when all the hard work comes together in an event, those early mornings and long days are totally worthwhile. An events placement is definitely not being a tea girl, that’s for sure!