It was great to read last week that one of the brands I love, Marmite, had been awarded Brand of the Year. Their sales had grown by 14% on the back of their Neglect campaign which helped produce a record year. This type of marketing activity deserves award-winning recognition! How many times do we see a sales team create that level of growth in such a short space of time?

I'm sure they played their part, and we know Sales and Marketing need to work hand in hand, but that kind of growth in any campaign quickly shows us the importance of creating standout marketing propositions to sit side by side with the right product and sales strategy in ensuring the audience is as engaged in pulling the product from the shelf as the brands is on pushing.

Yes, Marmite were brave and invested their budget into a bold positioning, but we can all see that it was the live experiences and interactions that were essential to increasing the levels of customer engagement to this such high level. With latest survey results demonstrating that brands can now get 25% of new customers through a live engagement experience and another 71% saying the activity increased brand exposure along with 67% of people telling the full experiential tale.

These results fit perfectly with the latest definition of engagement that depicts a sell or tell culture. Yes, it's that simple, engagement should be measured by making a sale or telling the tale. We do need to remember though, in this exploding digital revolution, that we still need to humanise our brands, after all, people still buy from people. These customer experiences, like that of the Marmite lovers or haters, are about connecting your brand; your products services, hardware or software, with your customers - however this needs to be done across all channels. Indeed every interaction with a customer is an experience that must be made as relevant, easy and pleasurable as possible.

Turning interactions into experiences is an art form and most of all these experiences need to be truly engaging. As Marmite found through their tv, press and social media campaign, a well targeted budget instigated a media frenzy that reversed declining volume and value market that had had little brand support in the last 6 years. To be able to grow and maintain growth we need to engage our audiences and the closer the brand connection the greater the engagement.

At Corporate Innovations, I'll be helping the brands I love produce these stats. Helping the marketer be heard and ‘Love it rather than hate it’ in any engagement campaign we help bring to life.