Awash with a few quid in my pocket at the end of the 80’s I went to a Jermyn Street tailor to avail myself of a made-to-measure double-breasted suit and a blazer.

For a young lad from the Shires who’d never enjoyed the riches of life in London previously, it was a rare treat, one actually on reflection I’ve never repeated. Why was that?

Whilst I was fortunate to be in that position once, and arguably since, I have on more than one occasion been fortunate enough to have had the resources and something of an inclination to go back and repeat the exercise, I didn’t. I simply didn’t need to. There were viable, more effective and efficient alternatives that became available during that time offering all the style and substance but at high street prices, off the peg.

The suit still sits at the back of my wardrobe, having travelled the world with me, remains a constant reminder of how good it felt to be treated to something so very special and uniquely made, just for me, albeit I’d need significant surgery to get into it now!

Why the story? Well modern day clients, just like consumers, are more demanding and discerning than ever before. There’s significant choice available to the ‘modern man seeking a suit’ as there is a client seeking a creative solution for their brand. It’s simply not considered by everyone to be effective and efficient to walk in the front door of a West End Ad Agency anymore, you’ll certainly get treated like a King, and if you have the right budget you’ll walk away with what they are designed to craft for you.

It’s not one-size fits all anymore, in today’s bespoke, personalised, want it now society why should the client buy from you, Mr Global Agency, with your fixed service offering, ways of working and people and roles that don’t fit my needs anymore.

Here at Roundtable we have seized the opportunity to leap ahead of the old Agency model, creating a new kind of Agency built around what clients need, liberated by enabling, fluid structures. The open source business model we have supports delivering the right talent at the right time in pursuit of planning, creative and delivery excellence regardless of the media.

We have senior, experienced business leaders that have run award winning, multi-national agencies, engaging with Clients and extracting the right brief. Then to be able to cherry pick the very best strategic, creative and production talent through which to develop and deploy the right campaigns for the Client, not the Agency’s award shortlist.

If you want to know more, please contact Mark, Director at Roundtable Agency, Part of CI Group, 0203 772 8547.