Technology has changed the way we communicate, the way we consume, even how we date and now it’s changing the way we organise and run live events.

Much to many event organisers delight, the days of mail-merging, printing agendas and awkward ‘networking’ are far behind us… and the internet along with other technology developments are dominating the path to interactive event success.

So how is technology being utilised in order to create a winning event for both the organiser and delegate, as well as enhancing the experience:

Online Presence

Event brand visibility though the use of online blogs, social media and bespoke websites can make event marketing far more interactive.  It can be used to generate exposure, excitement and demand giving people a taste of what to expect at the event and forms the basis for all events that you deliver for your partners.


There is no longer an excuse for long queues of disgruntled delegates at a registration desk waiting to be ticked off and given their name badge just so they can go and grab a coffee.  The use of devices, scanning codes and mobile event apps help to speed up the registration process a treat. At Corporate Innovations we have developed a number of bespoke solutions that enable technology to make event attendance and especially registration a seamless process.

Mobile Event Apps

Event app technology has revolutionised events.  Delegates are now able to create their own personal agenda, submit questions, share pictures and book meetings with other attendees.  The app also acts as a platform from which they are able to strike up conversations with other delegates and following up on those all-important conversations, allowing the event to maintain momentum long after the last delegate has left. Using different social media groups within closed communities is the ideal way for businesses to share knowledge outside of the usual community and encourage overseas colleagues to share knowledge and experiences too.

Attendees from all over the world

These days our audiences are far bigger than the delegate list. The global village we live in today means anyone can attend and participate from anywhere in the world, meaning your content obtains more exposure and is digested by more than just the physical attendee!

Virtual Reality

The Internet doesn’t only sit in our phones and laptops, it is happening with wearable technology such as watches and glasses. Google glasses are an example of allowing delegates to leave the event and immerse themselves in a different environment entirely, without even having to leave the room!

Corporate Innovations is excited by and embraces the opportunity to provide creative technology solutions to enhance our client’s events, if you have an event and need some new ideas or some experienced technology experts to advise you on the best solution, then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.