Much like the nuns at the Abbey we are often confronted with problems to solve.  Here at Corporate Innovations our approach incorporates the GROW methodology with some of our core values Innovation and Simplicity:

The GROW methodology helps us to understand the problem:



What does success look like?



Where are we now and how far from the goal are we?



What is in our way?


Do we go over the obstacles or bash them down?


Way Forward

We convert the options into the way forward.


If we have a problem, we must have a goal to achieve also knowing our current reality will help us find the obstacles.  The ‘O’ in GROW is where the problem is and looking at each obstacle on its own merits will help us come to a resolution. We simplify the obstacle and then innovate our way around it. Putting everything into place and using options to overcome the obstacles will give us the way forward.

Here at Corporate Innovations there is no problem to big or small for us to solve.  So if you have a problem like Maria give us a shout.