The success of a website isn’t just defined by the amount of people that go on it. There’s a lot of pre-release work required to make sure the website works as expected. Every step of the way has to be meticulously planned out and conducted thoroughly.

It starts way back at the design process where all functionality is scoped and mapped out in the form of a process document. It’s a good idea to put the effort in here and get this right to ensure that the rest of the project runs smoothly. Once the client has agreed the scope and functionality it’s time to start the path to success.

When we’re designing and developing websites we like to hide ourselves away at Corporate Innovations. Luckily in our office we have plenty of space to find a little quiet hidden spot to occupy. All distractions are reduced to a minimum and productivity is at its peak. We also operate a no disturbance policy whereby we can only be interrupted if the building is on fire!  (or for cups of tea!)

Regular catchups with the project managers make sure the project is still running to schedule and in the right direction. Any change requests can also be actioned at this point and inevitably there will be a few so we go back to scoping and design. Once again the client will need to sign off and we can continue.

So the site is complete, but does it work? An internal test is conducted by people who have never had any involvement in the project as anyone too close to the site can unintentionally overlook small things. Any bugs are fixed and the site goes to the client for a review and final change requests are considered.

The client signs off the site and gives you a pat on the back (or a tub of chocolates, hint hint) but it’s not over yet. There’s still plenty to do as you want the launch to be as smooth as possible. Lots more testing is conducted including browser testing and device testing. We also consider whether or not we need to increase our infrastructure if our client website is expecting a lot of traffic.

Launch day arrives and the site is pushed live. Any launch communications to prospective users is sent and the floodgates are open. We’ll monitor the site and celebrate the successful launch with a cold one.


If you want to make sure your website runs smoothly, then get in touch with Corporate Innovations.