Jargon is the language of specialized terms used by a group or profession. A common shorthand among experts and used properly can be a quick and efficient way of communicating.

In my experience I have found that in some cases jargon or these business phrases are used to intimidate you.  Potentially angling you into making an on-the-spot decision.  You are then in a situation where you don’t want to question what was said for fear of sounding silly.  Or was it a technique to pull the wool over your eyes.

Why do people do it?  Maybe they think if they sound “clever” they are considered brilliant and everyone will want to listen to them. Really?

Wrong!  A recent article by the Fast Company has shown that using big words actually makes you appear less capable! We get caught up in the paradigm of jargon, however, I think you are more likely to be inspired by someone that uses words everyone can understand and can roll up their sleeves and show you what they’re capable of.

Communication is key in business.  At Corporate Innovations we take the complexity (and the jargon!) out of any challenge and provide a clear, logical, straightforward solution for you.

If what you want to hear are real conversations, not the passing back and forth of jargon and “clever” words, talk to us at Corporate Innovations. Let us show you what we’re made of.