Now I’ve always been somewhat taken with a little ‘soft sell’, no, not that Soft Cell (although I am partial to some occasional weekend eye-liner); I’m in fact referring to the more subtle slants of communication brands deploy to separate you from your hard earned ‘readies’. One can therefore imagine my intrigue with the ever emerging force that is Content Marketing.

This not so modern phenomenon (as the phrase was first coined in the mid to late 90’s) can best be explained as aim of entertaining, exciting or even educating audiences with something relevant to them. A more official definition can be found here

There isn't a brand out there not knee-deep in some type of Content Marketing Strategy or another, however, the guiding light, standard-bearer by far is the manufacture of that fizzy can of caffeine stimulant far too often mixed with vodka. A mere moment traversing good old tinterweb will deliver a myriad of examples, although with this effort they really did raise the bar in more ways than one.

With a reported $40 billion ( spent in the US in 2013 on Content Marketing alone and with the rapid advances in measurement allowing Content Marketeers to critically determine where in the buying process prospects actually are, this Content avalanche is surely set to grow and grow.

Although I won’t be first to tell you never to give in order to receive; surely it’s time to embrace this (nearly new) phenomenon as it’s genuine relationship building credentials will ensure the smash-and-grab practices of the past are firmly locked into the cupboard of embarrassments with those unfortunate Barents and Jazzy Jumpers.